How to Become a Member

1. Mail and include your name, postal address, current e-mail and choice of username. You are also welcome to meet us in person in our club rooms to apply.

2. Pay the membership fee to Bankgiro number 5676-6512 (or through one of our other payment methods).

The current membership fee is set at two levels:

We encourage all members who can to pay the full membership fee, but don't want to exclude members with limited economical means. The minimum fee entitles to full membership.

Membership is per calendar year, and you normally pay once a year. However, if you are just joining Update, you may pay for just the remainder of the current year (for example, if you join Update in the month of August, you may pay 80 SEK for September through December, and later you may pay 240 SEK for the following year if you want to stay as a member).